Kundli Matching or Gun Milan


Kundli Matching (Horoscope Matching) or Gun Mila is the process whereby the Natal Charts of a Boy and a Girl are tested for compatibility on the basis of EIGHT FACTORS or Kutas, done by referring to Melapak Chart given in Panchang.

The Eight Factors are:

Varan (Mental Compatibility), Vasya (Power compatibility), Tara (Birth Star Compatibility), Yoni (sexual compatibility), Grah Maitri (Planetary Harmony), Gan (Compatibility of nature), Bhakoot (Compatibility between Zodiac Moon signs) and Nadi (Compatibility between Life forces).

Each test has a score known as Gunas. While the maximum points that can be achieved under each test are different, the full 8-fold test can yield a maximum score of 36 points . The higher the score, the better is the possibility of a happy and fruitfull married life. A score of 18 is deemed to be the minimum for a reasonable match. Marriages are not recommended for a result below 18.





1. Varan:
Varna suggests the degree of Mental Compatibility between the two. Maximum contribution out of 36: 1.

2. Vasya:
Vasya suggests the degree of control and amenability the wife or husband would be able to exercise on the other ie. Power compatibility between the two. Maximum contribution out of 36: 2.

3. Tara:
(Birth Star Compatibility)
indicates the health, well-being and compatibility of the partners after marriage. Maximum contribution out of 36: 3.

4. Yoni:
shows sexual and biological compatibility between the two and has an important role in laying down the foundation for marital happiness. Maximum contribution out of 36: 4.

5. Grah Maitri:
Grah Maitri shows progeny prospects, mental qualities, mutual affection, temperamental compatibility and matching of views and interests of both male and female with each other. Maximum contribution out of 36: 5.

6. Gan:
Gan has a bearing on the temperament and character of the couple concerned. If there is mismatch in Gan, there will be quarrels and disharmony in relationships. Maximum contribution out of 36: 6.

7. Bhakoot:
Bhakoot is a crucial test to check overall prosperity in the growth of family, family welfare and economic prosperity after marriage.Maximum contribution out of 36: 7.

8. Nadi:
Nadi is considered the most important among all other aspects. It measures the genetic compatibility between the couple to produce healthy children after marriage. Maximum contribution out of 36: 8.



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1. Kundli Matching is a science of interpretation. Therefore, it is done personally by our Guru Acharya Puneet Dev ji. We do not believe in forwarding automated matching reports generated by softwares.
2. The results shall be emailed to you WITHIN TWO days of receipt of payment.


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